ESN UP Olomouc is always looking for new passionate members every semester. Do you want to experience Erasmus in your own country?

​Then join us and become a Buddy!

This link will take you to our Fiesta system, that is used for matching local and incoming students.



As a Buddy, you are the first person our incoming students will meet. You will pick up your Erasmus student, help him with his accommodation in Olomouc and help him with anything he needs. You get to show him around, show him your favourite places, and most importantly, you will gain a new friend for life!

And how can you be the best Buddy ever? You can find all the useful and essential information here and you can always contact our Buddy Coordinator (



Do you like taking photos and making videos? Awesome, you can join our Communication Team! You do not need to be a professional. We will teach you everything you need to know.

Do you believe in the power the social networks? You have a fantastic opportunity to contribute to Facebook and Instagram pages of one of the largest student organisations at Palacký University!

Are you an organised and reliable person? Do you want to practice your organisational skills and show our Erasmus students our amazing culture and life in Olomouc? You can do that by joining or Events Team and take Erasmus students for adventures! 

Do you believe that Erasmus is not just partying? Erasmus is everything you want it to be!

In case you are intrested in more than just be a buddy you can join our ESN UP Olomouc


The semester is over, and your Erasmus buddies are leaving. What now? We have good news for you. Your Czech friends will be here all year long!We are a group of students helping students. We share similar values, support the self-realisation of our members and their personal development. We gain new friendships, skills and memories every day trough volunteering.