In Olomouc

Trams and buses more or less follow the schedules (displayed at the stops or available in the "Dopravní podnik města Olomouce" office at Národních Hrdinů square). The fare is 20 Kč (one way ticket) 40 Kč (24h ticket with ISIC), 80 Kč (24h ticket), tickets are available at newsagent's, news-stands and some shops. You can buy a ticket from the driver on the bus or tram, but it will be more expensive. The tickets are valid for 40 minutes (60 minutes on the weekends), (50/70 minutes with SMS ticket or through the DPMO app) after stamping in a machine next to the door in the bus or tram and you can change the tram or bus within the time limit.

Or you can get a monthly or quarterly pass, valid both for trams and buses. To obtain the pass, you need a passport size photo and a written Proof of student status issued by the International Relations Office (to get a substantial discount). Passes are purchased in the "Dopravní podnik" office. A monthly pass is 400 Kč (200 Kč for students up to age of 26), a quarterly is 1000 Kč (500 Kč for students up to 26 y.o.). These numbers are subject to change. Should you be found on a tram or bus without a valid ticket, you will be fined 700 Kč (immediate payment or payment in 2 weeks) or 1 500 Kč (later payment). Be aware that inspections are quite frequent.

Train and Coach

There are several ways to get to the Czech Republic. If you plan to travel by train, check these websites of Czech railway companies: České dráhy , Regiojet (also coaches) or LeoExpress (coaches, too).
If you decide to travel by coach, you can have a look at: or

From Prague to Olomouc

Traveling from Prague to Olomouc by train is the most comfortable way and that is why we suggest you go for this option. The Prague Public Transport Company offers a special airport bus providing direct connection between the airport and the Main Railway Station - look for Airport Express

Bus No. 119 runs every 10 minutes from 4:30 to 23:30 between the airport and Nádraží Veleslavín metro station. You need to purchase a 40 CZK ticket at a newspaper stand or from the yellow ticket machine at the bus stop. This ticket is valid within the whole city network for 90 minutes. Change at Nádraží Veleslavín station to metro line A, go to Muzeum station, and change to metro line C and get off at Hlavní Nádraží (Main Railway Station, abbrev. Praha Hl. n.).

See Prague Public Transport web for details.

You can take a taxi, but the airport tends to have the highest charging taxis; please be aware that Prague taxi-drivers are notorious for overcharging foreigners. If you still prefer to go by taxi, we suggest calling City Taxi (+420 257 257 257).

Getting from the Vienna airport to Olomouc

The most comfortable way to get from the Vienna airport to Olomouc is to use private transport companies which offer multiple times-a-day express connection direct from the airport.


If you decide to travel by car, you should keep in mind the driving rules in the Czech Republic:

  • zero alcohol tolerance
  • no use of mobile phones and other communication devices while driving
  • mandatory use of seat belts
  • mandatory use of headlights at all times
  • mandatory use of helmets by cyclists and motorcyclists

Speed limits: In-town speed limit: 50 km/h, Roads: 90 km/h, Motorways: 130 km/h. 
You can check the validity of your driving licence on the Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic website.

Always carry your driving license, ID, and vehicle registration documents with you in your car as you may be fined if you do not. You must purchase a pass to be able to use Czech motorways. You can buy one-year, one-month, or ten-day passes, which are all available at border crossings, post offices, and petrol stations. Rented cars automatically come with the pass displayed in the window. To rent a car, you usually must be at least 21 and have held your license for one year.


After arrival in Olomouc, students should report to the dormitory. Almost all dormitories are located in two main Campus called ENVELOPA and NEŘEDÍN. To get to the Envelopa Campus from the train station, students should take tram no. 2, 4 or 6 (towards the centre) and get off on the second stop. The dormitiries are situated about 3-min walk along 17. listopadu Street. Individual dormitories are clearly marked. To get to the Neředín Campus,  students should take tram no. 2 or 7 and get off at the last stop.