What is it about?

Together with your friends you shall assemble a team of 6 members at the most. More heads know more, but if you believe in yourself, you can play alone. Together with your friends come to Bristol Pub then sit back and have fun testing your knowledge. Prizes for the best teams are guaranteed!

The quiz contains 44 questions on topics from all possible areas of which one could think of. Part of the quiz is also the identification of different images, photos and music (from rock over hip-hop to classical music).
The team, which collects the most correct answers, can look forward to winning a liquid prize! 45th question is a bonus one. If you answer it right, at the end of the quiz you can win a round of shots on the bill of the pub.

What is the cost of this awesome event?

The enrollment fee for each contestant is a symbolic 50 CZK and it will be used to buy some prizes for you at the end of the semester. smiley